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Hellfist's Reviews
Watch Supernatural Online Season 14 Episode 4
loved it, no bull shit just a good show one of the few i can count on for forgetting the world and just let sam and dean take the wheel.
a day ago
Watch Legacies Online Season 1 Episode 2
ok expanding the universe a bit in this one and at the end an added question what else is out there besides witches, vampires, and werewolves.
a day ago
Watch The Flash (2014) Online Season 5 Episode 4
Good episode, like that iris is getting put in her place by her daughter about her controlling nature. She did it because she didn't want her to be like her dad to lose her but it gave her no right to force her way on to the daughter. Still would love to see iris killed and Barry not vanish, also her daughter coming back may have created an alt time line. In the comics berry has twins a boy and a girl and his daughter has a little girl by the name of the one in this show. So not sure if they will do that or what but liking the show better this time.
3 days ago
Watch Charmed (2018) Online Season 1 Episode 3
Where is the love people, I am a big fan of the old show, but really didn't care for page or later billy but dealt with the add on's. This show as a remake was an attempt to use the source material and cherry pick and try and make a more consumer TV franchise that the studio could keep most the money and not pay royalties to the other cast from the old. As they were to come back then they would have to bring in others who also were in the show and they wanted to do it cheaper. Poor actors and good effects don't mix well with half ass writing and rehacking of old show plots. The first show had a style and elegance about it, it got the message across without beating you over the head with it ad was entertaining. The old sisters had a chemistry on and off screen that these have yet to even scratch the surface of. I have been keeping up with this new one but it's so bad that makes me want to turn it off or go watch something else anything else. But I really don't see it making a season, but then again there have been worse show make it past one season so who knows really. In the end i think they may abandon the show and bring back the original which would be the only way to save the falling ratings. But as to the below fight i take no sides everyone is entitled to their opinion and that really all it is an opinion of the way they see it. But from the look of things with each episode it drops lower and lower here look for your self just the facts mind you.
4 days ago
Watch Arrow Online Season 7 Episode 3
So another show no costumes and more stuff you could see on a police show on TV. This is still the green arrow and not a show about prison or spy's or rogue police and hackers. Just want to see a comic book show that tries and do something comic book like this is not the green arrow. It was still a good episode i am just getting very tied of the dragging out of a plot because it's more easy than writing more story.
4 days ago
Watch Doctor Who (2005) Online Season 11 Episode 4
@MHDKoobs, For your information i have seen it from the old black and white to now and the older ones have better stories than some of the more recent ones. As to the gun this that was the only thing you could pick at then you missed the whole point, i know that the doctor has been against guns and violence for that matter. That is one reason i loved the show was he did things by solving it with his brain not just mindlessly panic and killing. But as a whole the show has changed fundamentally and that is what is pissing me off, go back watch the tom baker years or the first few seasons of the show and you will see it. Any way said my piece, and i an not going to call you a moron as was not enough info to make that call on me end.
5 days ago
Watch Charmed (2018) Online Season 1 Episode 2
Matoyoshi, better watch the wording other wise might be called out for being a raciest like i was, but the person never responded back so maybe the small minded person realized their misstep
5 days ago
Watch Supergirl Online Season 4 Episode 3
Great twisting of Agent of liberty, completely subverting his background to push an agenda of anti Americanism while promoting the illegal immigration. I personally have no problem with anyone wanting to come here as long as they do it the legal way and an i know many who have came her the right way feel the same. As to being a america first and caring about this nation over others well if you don't like it then stay were you are and fix your own country. Don't come here and bring your shit that ruined where you come from here, if you come here this is a melting pot where you can become better. Still hate this show and this episode was ok but the real world politics are just killing TV in general be glad when it's ran it's course.
5 days ago
Watch Doctor Who (2005) Online Season 11 Episode 4
What are they doing to doctor who, old be movies interjected with liberal politics, I would have shot the spiders also. The trump issues a side the overall show seems to be getting worse, I watch this as a sci fi were are the aliens, the sci fi now it's just cheap b movie knock offs and snow flakes. Oh lets not for get the whole guns are bad and the whole toxic masculinity that again is being pushed. I just want to watch a fucking Sci fi show or any show and for get how fucked up the world is for a few minutes is that so fucking hard.
5 days ago
Watch Butterfly Online Season 1 Episode 1
There are only two genders anything else is a delusional state created by the mind, as a person can only impregnate or be impregnated. Please if another natural option is out there let me know, feelings do not define a fact and the fact is there are only two. Now if you want to have an alternative life style your free to do this when you are old enough to make such decisions, but a child is not.
5 days ago
Watch Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Online Season 1 Episode 2
Elizabeth Montgomery played as a witch in a TV show, and thought was funny that a witch last name Montgomery became a Hollywood actress. Nor sure if i was the only one who caught that reference but i am an old guy, show is very seriously dark, not like the sitcom of old. The girl playing Sabrina is perfect sounds and acts like the the other actress just enough with her own twist she is amazing.
7 days ago
Watch Charmed (2018) Online Season 1 Episode 2
Bring back the original sisters not this poor attempt at a reboot, they are just doing it for the money.
9 days ago
Watch DC's Legends of Tomorrow Online Season 4 Episode 1
Again comic book characters out of costume guess thats going to be a think Constantine the only one really in his, ok atom for a second or so. Still the best out the bunch right now.
11 days ago
Watch Supergirl Online Season 4 Episode 2
Some of this show can be accepted in part of the message, but laws are laws and breaking them you are a criminal. This is yet another show forcing the message of pride in a nation and hate of illegals is wrong, in part hate because of nationality is wrong. But coming here breaking the laws of the land is wrong too, this has become slandered in tv and movies i guess now.
12 days ago
Watch Doctor Who (2005) Online Season 11 Episode 3
what was this a history lesson bringing up old wounds to relive past issue and trying to superimpose them on to what is going on today. Rossa parks is a great historical figure and king as well and if alive today would be shaming all those so called rights people who everyday blame another for their own faults. This show is going to far down the fact it is a sci fi show and the bit about aliens seems to get lost in this one. Was one of the all time worst episodes yet, very bad writing like shoehorning the politics and world issues into my escape from reality. Sorry but i watch sci fi and fantasy because they are a way to distance my self from life not to have it force fed to me.
12 days ago
Watch Marvel's Daredevil Online Season 3 Episode 1
What the fuck, should called this season blind man in black he never even once put the fucking suit on. What is the deal with not wearing the fucking costumes, i mean it is a comic book character and the costume is part of that whole thing. Like shooting a show about space but no one ever goes there they just stay on the planet.
12 days ago
Watch The Rookie Online Season 1 Episode 1
Good start Nathan is good in this serious role glad to see him getting some work, guess being a hanger on in the other cop show made him want to play one in this.
17 days ago
Watch Charmed (2018) Online Season 1 Episode 1
It is to not the original show and does not even have a bit of chemistry the first had, alienating all the original cast and fans was not a good move. And the writer from jane the virgin really people just so sad this will be lucky to make a season with the total disaster that this mess is
19 days ago
Watch Doctor Who (2005) Online Season 11 Episode 2
This episode just seemed very kind of dumb, with a bit of info for the overall arch. The new inside look is cool, very un doctor who's like but that's is how this whole season is going.
19 days ago
Watch Doctor Who (2005) Online Season 11 Episode 1
Oh and if you have seen a predator then this will be like watching a sort of a rerun, unoriginal episode .
19 days ago
Watch Supergirl Online Season 4 Episode 1
And the agenda liberal politics just keeps on getting more obvious, might as well just said in the show that they hated america. Other wise was entertaining, still all the men in the show seem to not have a dick or are evil.
19 days ago
Watch Titans (2018) Online Season 1 Episode 1
a great start, left me wanting much more and felt like a movie that i only got a few minutes in and had to turn off. As long as fire does not run around like a street hooker the whole time in the first season i think it will pass.
21 days ago
Watch Doctor Who (2005) Online Season 11 Episode 1
Well it had a good run too bad politics and gender got in the way of a great show, maybe once he changes back to what the show was after this run it can redeem it's self. I really miss the early days of this once grand show, was a staple of great SCi Fi but has become a shadow of it's former self.
a month ago
Watch Lethal Weapon Online Season 3 Episode 2
Will not make another season as has varied from the movies too much and the spirit of them. Leathal weapon was riggs without him is just another cop show. Wayens is a jack ass for not wanting to share the show when it is meant to be a buddy thing anyway. Can not blame crawford for calling him a pussy when he acts like a whinny bitch. Crawford was a raising star as wayens was in a decline and i think he knew that and got him fired.
a month ago
Watch The Neighborhood Online Season 1 Episode 1
Reminds me of a reverse Archie Bunker in many ways, when the Jefferson moved in next door
a month ago
Watch Magnum P.I. (2018) Online Season 1 Episode 1
Not a bad start, adding the female grounds keeper and stuff was an improvement to the show. I like they kept the spirit of the show while up dating other qualities.
a month ago
Watch Marvel's Avengers Assemble Online Season 5 Episode 2
I like the panther in the live movie, better than the one in this toon, seems to have a stick up his ass the the whole show. Tony didn't help with his "buddy" comments as well.
a month ago
Watch Kidding Online Season 1 Episode 1
just sad to see a once great comedic actor lose what bit of humanity and a mind he has. Old jim is like the creepy uncle that thinks he is funny but is just sad and people feel uneasy around. The darkness of life and reality seems to have over come the light and humor of his soul. Or he is just that good an actor, if that is the cast then hope he has a great life. Anyway not my cup of tea but actors and show is shot with a style i hate so a pass for me.
2 months ago
Watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians Online Season 15 Episode 5
how can a piece of shit show get 15 fucking seasons and another good one limps along at maybe 3 or not even one. Because shit is easy great shows take work, this is no talent no script, no effects no anything just bull shit drama. Like Jerry springier, pawn stars, the real life, jersey shore and all manor of other shit shows. And we wonder why america and the world is going to hell, because the stupid people are in charge and intelligence is a rear commodity along with common sense.
2 months ago
Watch Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan Online Season 1 Episode 8
Good show held my interest all the way through
2 months ago
Watch Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan Online Season 1 Episode 1
liked it, but the flash back for the rag head or what, am I supposed to feel for the piece of shits. Because of the horrid conditions and crap torture they are going through, i wanted to serve in desert storm it was why i joined the marines. But it was over too quick before i was able to be sent there to help. I have no remorse or feeling for anything that happens to a vial evil person, and you are with me or against me. And i can tell you their is no grey areas in a fight, not in my view that is.
2 months ago
Watch Marvel's Cloak & Dagger Online
If you are wanting a superhero show then this is not your show as it is more of a gritty teen drama more than anything. The issues and problems are ones facing many kids who deal with mature issues that they should not have to. The superpower hero thing is just a backdrop in this show really not the focus of it. In this case from that standpoint, the show is ok but brings nothing new to the table that has not been rehashed over again in other shows. More than anything the show will not make a full season if it keeps heading this way. As Smallville had its charms but was, in my opinion, the worse superhero series ever, this one is worse for the comic book crowd. As it does not have enough of the comic book aspect in it, no costumes, no real use of the powers and mind head trip dreams. This all comes together to leave most confused and turning the channel, to a more serious grounded in reality show. I had hoped it would pick up some motion but it 3rd episode in still they are not even a team or have a full grasp of powers. But even this would have been fine if it was not for the total lack of the aforementioned powers and them being together. Still, I will continue to check on this and hope that at some point the superhero part will become more dominating and not just used as a device to further the story.
5 months ago
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